Cigars in S. Korea
Hi guys,
It looks like I'll be going to South Korea for a year or so. I know there is an LCDH in Seoul, but I haven't been able to find info on prices. Any know how much it is for say an average pc, robusto, etc?

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Well, you got me curious so I had to Google. If this site is right, not only is Seoul the best place to buy, it's the ONLY place.


No idea if the info is still current, but looks like someone was still posting to it until last summer.

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Cubans in S. Korea are uber expensive and difficult to find. They average out to about $40-$50 a stick for just any average Cuban cigar. Because of that, the demand is low and it's very difficult to find them. Not many people can afford to smoke them on a regular basis at that price so very few places carry cubans. My bro in law is a huge cigar guy and he will usually just bring his own every time he goes there on business. He's actually talking to LFD about a deal to distribute to S. Korea
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